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A powerful extratropical cyclone (formerly Typhoon ) east of Hokkaido on 27 April

macOS 11.3 (20E232) for my Z370 | 9600K | RX 580 build

Although tweaked its tropical cyclone information page a little, it still sucks. The multilingual sub site for foreigners is still recommended. (👎) (👌)

becomes the strongest April typhoon of the satellite era.

<Analysis at 21 JST, 2021/04/17>
Intensity/Category Violent Typhoon
Center Position 12.1N 129.3E
Direction and speed of movement NW 20km/h (12kt)
Central pressure 905hPa
Maximum wind speed near center 55m/s (110kt)
Maximum wind gust speed 80m/s (155kt)
≥ 50-kt wind area S 220km (120NM) N 185km (100NM)
≥ 30-kt wind area ALL 390km (210NM)

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