Auto part suppliers Aptiv PLC and Lear Corp turned their plants and parking lots in the northern Mexico border city of Ciudad Juarez into COVID-19 vaccination centers

Mexico has more than 2,400 municipalities, but only 73 Mexican cities generate 87% of GDP, house 64% of the population, and concentrate 89% of investment, according to the latest Urban Competitiveness Index (ICU) of the Mexican Institute of Competitiveness (IMCO).

We are back to level 5!!
The municipality falls back to level 5 (critical), which means that recreational and socio-cultural activities are suspended, as well as the maximum capacity is 30%.

The Delta variant identified for the first time in India (B.1.617.2), which is considered largely responsible for the spectacular increase in cases in the Asian region and now start spreading in Europe and the USA
We will not be spared.......

Mexico is witnessing a wave of killings in the run up to the hotly contested midterm elections in early June. At least 87 people seeking office have been killed in recent months, according to a Mexican consulting firm, and hundreds of others targeted.

Hundreds of people have gathered in Mexico City to demand justice for those who were killed when a metro overpass collapsed earlier this week.
Demonstrators converged from around the city and held a vigil at the site of the accident late on Friday.

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox said on Friday he expected Congress to pass its new law to legalize cannabis next week, a move that would effectively create one of the world’s largest weed markets.
Fox, a director at Colombian-Canadian Khiron Life Sciences which focuses on cannabis for medical use, has been a long-standing advocate for the decriminalization of marijuana in Mexico.

With landscapes ranging from deserts to tropical forests, Sierra Gorda is one of Mexico's top biodiversity hotspots. Martha "Pati" Ruiz Corzo moved her family there in 1984 and started a non-profit conservation group to save the region from the impact of human activity. Today, she may be its most trusted protector.

At the current pace, it would take a decade to vaccinate all Mexicans!!
Mexico’s vaccine program sees disastrous launch.
Pace for vaccinations has slowed as government website to register crashes repeatedly and Covid-19 death toll is third highest globally.
Many countries, including Canada and EU member states, have struggled to roll out their vaccine programs but Mexico’s disastrous launch came at a particularly bad time.

Mexico and the United States find themselves on the cusp of an unusual power transition in Washington, one that has put the future of the bilateral relationship in doubt..

Mexico added 1,368 confirmed coronavirus fatalities on Friday, bringing the running death toll to 164,290, while new infections rose by 13,051 for total cases to date of over 1.9 million, according to updated Health Ministry figures.
The hard-hit country’s Health Ministry has acknowledged that the true number of cases and deaths attributable to COVID-19, the highly contagious respiratory disease caused by the virus, is almost certainly much higher.

Crushing costs of Covid care leave grieving Mexican families facing ruin.
As the death toll mounts, even for those with health insurance medical bills can run into tens of thousands of dollars

Mexico’s health ministry on Sunday reported 7,030 new confirmed cases of infection and 462 additional fatalities.
Bringing the total in the country to 1,864,260 cases and 158,536 deaths.
The government says the real number of infected people is likely significantly higher than the confirmed cases.

The migrants Trump forced Mexico to stop.
The Mexican authorities had deployed the national guard to stop the caravan entering their country because Trump had threatened to increase tariffs on Mexican goods coming into the United States if they let migrants in. Previously, migrants had been allowed to traverse the length of Mexico with no problem.

Mexico sees holiday bump in tourism amid pandemic surge.
The positivity rate on COVID-19 tests in the Quintana Roo state is nearly 50% and the weekly number of COVID-19 deaths quadrupled from the week before Christmas to the week after. There was little debate over the health risks of promoting tourism versus the economic impact of losing all those jobs, said Alejandro Palafox-Muñoz, a professor of tourism at the University of Quintana Roo.

Once Mexico has vaccinated its front-line medical workers against COVID-19, the government will turn its attention to the elderly living in its most remote places, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said Tuesday.
Ten thousand brigades made up of medical personnel and health promoters with security provided by the National Guard will target 3 million senior citizens in rural areas. The plan will hinge on Mexico’s approval of the Chinese CanSino vaccine

Mexico City and the neighboring State of Mexico are suspending nonessential activities due to a surge of coronavirus infections and death.
The suspension will take effect on Saturday and last through Jan. 10, Mexico’s deputy health minister Hugo Lopez-Gatell announced at a news conference.

Tired of months of confinement, Christmas shoppers have been crowding stores in Mexico City this week despite a recent spike in coronavirus cases that has strained hospitals in the capital.
The mayor of Mexico City declared a “COVID-19 emergency” last week. The city of about 9 million people has registered over 19,000 deaths related to the novel coronavirus, and a fifth of Mexico’s nearly 1.3 million confirmed cases.

Mexico’s health ministry on Monday reported 5,930 new confirmed cases of coronavirus infection and 345 additional fatalities, bringing the total in the country to 1,255,974 cases and 114,298 deaths.
The government says the real number of infected people is likely significantly higher than the confirmed cases.

Mexican Deputy Health Minister Hugo Lopez Gatell said during the same news conference that Mexico aims to begin administering Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine to 125,000 health workers in December, apparently scaling back an earlier plan to apply the first vaccine doses for 250,000 people by end of the year.

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