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What better way to spend a rainy day than with loads of writing and editing and plenty of fresh vanilla coffee? What are you working on this Friday? And what is your brew of choice for this day?

Start your day with a fresh cup of coffee and my ode to the Elixir of Muse! And buy me a cup if you enjoy the article!

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Writing well is a valuable skill most do not possess.

Choosing the right verb or adjective turns an uninspired sentence into one your readers will remember and quote for years to come.

Take the road less traveled in your writing. Choose excellence.

@michaeldstover I don’t know why it’s not used, but it’s a good word to describe certain people.

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Used for when you both exist and posses something at the same time.


#writing Ok ok, I've gone from having absolutely nothing for NaNo this year to the beginnings of an idea/outline and some characters. Not what I expected to be working on today but I'll gladly take it😄

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I found my first attempt at doing a caroligian script from years ago. The words at the time were just random unrelated practice words, i wasnt even trying to form a sentence. Funnily enough it turns out to be rather relevant and true anyway these many years later.

#calligraphy #writing #apple #mac @calligraphy

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