@carl I'm with @davidak on the 3rd-party thoughts. Why not barkdull.org/software/hashover ? It seems greatly underrated and can be self hosted using flat-files for data storage.

@mikael @carl as i understand it it's still a 3rd-party service where the comments are loaded from, that you host yourself

and unlike isso or commento it's written in PHP, which is known for having massive security issues (look at number of CVEs). you use a static page because you don't want PHP on the server! else you could just use Wordpress which has comments


all this is not really a solution


@davidak @carl I wouldn't go as far as calling it a 3rd party service? It's software which is part of the blog stack and running on the same server. PHP is dead simple and works anywhere™️. I love it. Security-wise it's probably fine, we're not exactly talking about banking.

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@davidak @carl

Commento seems to require a full fledged PostgreSQL installation. Regarding Isso I think the documentation puts it well: "If you think hosting a web application written in Python is as easy as one written in PHP, you are wrong."

PHP and flat file data storage ftw.

@mikael @davidak PHP is not the problem, I use PHP in a lot of websites and when using modern best practice, the language is fine :) The goal when using a static site generator is usually to have a website that is fast and easy to maintain. No database to configure, easy backup, easy apache config, ...

@carl @davidak I'm basically with you, but flat file data storage + PHP pretty much gives you that: no db to configure, easy backup.

Something like commentpara.de/ might be a good alternative to your 3rd Mastodon solution too?

@mikael @carl why not use wordpress then? it's very user friendly and has a huge ecosystem

a perfect comment solution would serve the comments in the same http request as the content. then it can be archived. wordpress does it serverside, so it's given there. it's not with comment services that load the comments with JS

and because i try to have a perfect solution, i don't have comments for some years now and don't write blog post i want to get feedback on. so power to your pragmatic solutions

@davidak @carl WordPress is nice in theory, but I've had enough problems with migrating WP databases. Hugo is so nice to work with.

@davidak @carl

> a perfect comment solution would serve the comments in the same http request as the content.

Yeah, that would be very nice! Sometimes the perfect solution doesn't exist. Sacrificing comments is an unlucky outcome. Hashover or one of those third party Webmention services seems OK. Even better would be being able to self host a webmention service. Something like this: github.com/mapkyca/pingback2ho (but more up to date). Does it exist?

@mikael @carl there exist many small projects, but nothing outstanding. most incomplete or abandoned

i collected some links here: codeberg.org/davidak/webseite/

@davidak @carl Rad collection! More specifically I was referring to a self hosted webmention service so that you don't have to rely on something like commentpara.de/ or webmention.io/

@mikael @davidak @carl I already have a mailing list for my website (link in profile) that’s linked at the bottom of every post, but I’m thinking about setting up webmentiond by @zerok to forward Webmentions to the list.

Mailing lists allow anyone to participate without setting up an account, and email isn’t web-based; the latter is quite attractive to members of the Gemini and Gopher spaces.

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