Note to self (and others): upgrade macOS only when necessary. I stay one–two years behind on OS versions and this method has worked well for me the last ten years. In short: keep it until you can't (no security updates).

So, for some reason I abandoned that principle a week that and decided to give Big Sur "a go". Believe me, I've been through hell and back the last two days. Kernel panics within minutes of booting.

Now I'm wiping, installing Catalina and praying. 🙏

Never again!

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@mikael as a Windows user for work related stuff and Linux user for servers and personal things I always thought that grass was greener in Apple land. You kinda get best of both: Unix with Adobe apps. Then I got mixed in group of Apple zalotes and it turned out that have the same problems with broken stuff, just aren't that vocal about it

@stampirl Truth to be told, I can't remember when I had problems with macOS/OS X the last time. I say this as a win/lin/mac user. "New and shiny = good" certainly does not apply to the world of macOS.

So, trying to downgrade to Catalina from internet recovery resulted in a kernel panic when there was three minutes was left on the install. This shall be "interesting"...

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