I'm certainly not a memes person, but this was too good to pass...

Linking from your website to your account is like inviting people to your party and opening the door just to kick them in the face when they get there.

It will get your comments as json and create a worthy backup.

But, to get the high res files you need to log in using that. I used: instaloader --login=username --tagged --comments --dirname-pattern={profile} --filename-pattern={date_utc:%Y%m%d}-{shortcode} username

However, Instagram pretty soon realized something fishy was going on, so they decided to pull the plug and required to give me some a string of numbers that would tie my account to the meatspace me.

Just learned that Common Desktop Environment was open-sourced! How beautiful is this!?

In one app your save and cancel buttons will be carelessly thrown into the upper right and upper left corner. In the next app you switch to you will probably find them somewhere else. God knows where... fail deluxe.

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My sourdough is alive again! Aaand I'm currently consuming way too much bread.


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