. Related to the outstanding issues about this platform, I will be temporarily inactive here so does anyone want to exchange Twitter username with me? Everyone is welcomed! I’m a GEN-RP with English as my main language. Just leave any trace and I will hit you up right away! See you there, people. ♥

@hyunjaee Hello, Hyunjae oppa! It’s Minju. I hope my sudden appearance won’t creep you out since I have no bad intention here. I saw you wandering around the ~timeline~ and I thought it would be great if we could be friends! With that being said, enjoy the rest of your day. ♥

Pats from Minguri to whoever see this tweet! As a reminder that you’ve done well until this very moment. ♥

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If this tweet happens to pass by your timeline, kindly spare me a hi or anything you fancy to talk about because I need a lot of new faces to befriend with. It’s Minju, anyway! ♡


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