If this tweet happens to pass by your timeline, kindly spare me a hi or anything you fancy to talk about because I need a lot of new faces to befriend with. It’s Minju, anyway! ♡

@Bin Hello to you, Moonbin senior! Thank you for reaching me out, I’m beyond elated for having you around. Tell me, what keeps you awake at this hour?

@minjukim hello there, Minju sunbaenim! Let's be friends. I'm super-duper-booper lonely in here and I'm sure your presence would enlighten my timeline 🤍

@parksoeun Soeun baby! Aren’t you supposed to be sleeping now?

@minjukim unnie! i fell asleep last night, i’m sorry. 🥺 uh- i’m used to sleep late at night, a habit of mine. you should be sleeping last night too, unnie. 😤 ah! good afternoon, sweetest unnie.

@parksoeun That’s what should happen in the first place, babies should not sleep too late. 😤 I’m not a babie anymore so it’s all fine for me! Anyway, good evenyom Soeun. Have you had your dinner?

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