@minnies senor! it's my first time using this.. woah, cool.. 😳

@karitna I KNOW RIGHT. This app is cool, reminding me with the old version of twt. 😂

@minnies YESSS YOU'RE RIGHT. i think i just need some time to get used to this..

@karitna I just made my account last night! It's kinda confusing and fun lol. 😂

@minnies KAHSKAJA I JUST MADE MY ACCOUNT THIS MORNING. actually, i'm still confused about how to do this or that. it's kinda similar to that blue bird. but hey, have you tried the dm feature, senior? it's different..


@karitna HAHAHA I SEE. A lot of people cannot sign up hecause there's many newcomer even the developer is wondering what happened.. I haven't tried it.. I still don't know how does it work. :cwy:

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