My first attempt at a loaf of sourdough bread is currently in the oven. That is all.

I'm tired of being lazy and also tired of not being a paid writer, so pin this tweet (until we all leave twitter? is that still happening or...?)
I'mma sell a script by 40.
It may be to my mother. (Yeah she'd never buy that, so maybe my brother.)
But still.

Starting a new gig this week, a bit more high-profile than the others I've worked on, and I get to continue working remotely, so I'm pretty stoked. Fingers crossed for a good experience for the next 6 months!

I have never done and I've never shared this page with anyone so... here!

Purgatory Mountain - paranormal thriller set in late 1800s Appalachia, centering around a disturbed Mary Alice Chandler (12). I have no logline yet. I'm 6 pages in and we'll see where it goes. :)

Day 6 Sourdough Shenanigans
*note to self: call bakery Sourdough Shenanigans if I can ever figure this sh*t out*
I tried making mini soft pretzels with today's discard... not the worst of the recipes... but still not good. *sigh*
I fear I've made a terrible mistake somewhere along the line and I don't know where...

Captain's Log- Day 5 of my sourdough baking journey - I'm enjoying the experimentation of trying new recipes so the discard doesn't go to waste. However, both of those recipes so far have been less than good....
But it doesn't count as wasteful if I used it as part of an experiment, right?

I suppose I should introduce myself.
I'm a whose work focuses on themes of "family" in some sense, though less of the cuddly, loving kind, and more of the imploding, sketchy kind. I tend to write in the crime/thriller/non-gory horror space.
What about you, fellow ?
(Did I use enough hashtags? Will I be seen? )

Well no one on twitter has jumped on my tweets about my sourdough-baking journey, so I suppose I'll relocate them here, and toot about it.
Also I want to test out the poll feature. So- who wants to hear more about me jumping on the sourdough-baking bandwagon 2 years late?

Well I'm here. It took me several tries to get my background pic just right. And I can't post gifs properly yet... so I'd give this site a 7 so far.


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