Compiled @neauoire's uxn on macOS. The process was rather smooth. Only the SDL2 path from build script needed some tweaks. I guess less dependencies cause less compatibility issues.

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For anyone who want to give a try on macOS. I have a clone with updated build script here.

@neauoire I manually changed the lib path and added a header path. A more system agnostic method would be using sdl2-config to get the compiler options. But we will need to remove SDL2 from the include path. I have a patch ready to go if you think this is what you prefer.

@mnmlyw mhmm I think that would mess things up a bit, I have a weird system and I think that'll break NPE(plan9's SDL support framework). No need for a patch just yet, but I'll let you know :)

@neauoire I figured out how to submit patches on sourcehut. It was tested with the newest upstream and worked fine at least on my side, as long as sdl2-config can be called. You can take a look at the patch though. But it might not work on NPE like you said.

@mnmlyw It looks like an old version o Noodle in the screenshot btw. By old I mean, like from 2 days ago.

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