I found out this week that Gmail
limits the number of emails that you can block to 1001. It doesn't alert you when you reach the limit.

So I have been blocking spammers and emails wrongly-addressed to me for months while thinking I am being proactive in cleaning my inbox.

I figured a workaround, which is going to settings then copying & pasting the list of emails blocked, then create filters (each filter shouldn't have more than 20 email addresses) that trashes the emails directly.


I add a tag just to keep tabs on what is going on. Rinse repeat.

Unfortunately this is a tedious process. My text editor, Gedit, offers regular expressions in its find/replace tool which helped in creating the XML files for filters that I later imported. But I really wish Gmail offered better tools to manage blocklists.

I also wish Gmail offered better controls on the huge number of "forget password" emails that I receive from them.

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When people setup their Android or Google Account for the first time they put my email address as backup. Google doesn't verify if they really own this email.

Same thing with lots of websites. They don't verify email address ownership during sign-up. I end up with thousands of newsletters, receipts, bank statements, plane tickets, hotel bookings, school coursework, etc. that are not strictly spam but have been addressed to me by error.

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