I want a visual . One that can let me see posts with images in a / like feed or like board. I use but it isn't optimised for feeds with images such as ones produced by . Any suggestions?

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@moftasa newspaper or magazine view is what you're after - generally these show up more on mobile than desktop I think - this may help though

@danie10 thank you, that's a good idea. Will check mobile RSS readers.

@moftasa ironically enough Brave browser has added just that feature - scrolls up from bottom on new tab page, with exactly the magazine #RSS view you want... but it is probably not pure FOSS. MS Edge then also came out with that. So maybe worth checking if your browser has it

@danie10 I've downloaded Feeder for Android and it has a card mode that is good enough for me. Thanks for the tip! :blobmiou:

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