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RT Yesterday @alaa lost his cool & spoke desperate words. For the first time in TEN YEARS. Alaa is outspoken, sympathetic, a man of strong passions & convictions. It’s a measure of his broad vision, his reasonableness & his intelligence that it has taken so long to get him here.

RT Alaa has been arbitrarily arrested and detained for prolonged periods over trumped-up charges since 2011. He spent most in prison under president , in extreme conditions. His family issued a statement warning that his life has become in danger:

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RT @minathabet1: Prominent activist and blogger
is facing a life-threatening situation as he admitted reaching a breaking point after continued harassment by national security officers in jail. He has been arbitrarily imprisoned for almost 2 years pending trial.

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RT @monasosh: جاءوا بعلاء فى حراسة مشددة، وكان المفروض التقى به فى القاعة وليس غرفة المداولة، لكنهم أدخلوه للغرفة، وبدأ علاء بالحديث عن وضعه فى السجن وحرمانه من كل حقوقه وقال (أنا فى وضع زفت، ومش هقدر أكمل كدا مشونى من السجن دا، أنا هنتحر، وبلغوا ليلى سويف تاخذ عزايا)

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RT @sharifkouddous: Alaa’s conditions continue to deteriorate. During his detention renewal he said “My situation is horrible and I won’t be able to continue like this. Get me out of this prison, I will kill myself” - he repeated the phrase several times acc. to Khaled Ali

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بيان من أسرة علاء عبد الفتاح: تدهور حالة علاء النفسية يهدد حياته!

أنقذوا حياة علاء
أنقذوا حياة من تبقوا من أسرتنا
أوقفوا جرائم الداخلية في سجن شديد الحراسة ٢ بطرة

أسرة علاء عبد الفتاح
١٣ سبتمبر ٢٠٢١

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Alaa's sister raising the alarm about his mental state.

Stuck in the prison system since 2013 with no conceivable way out - today, for the first time ever, he talked about suicide.

Alaa's will is not weak - but he is being driven to the limit by this merciless regime.

Sci-Hub Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary By Uploading 2.3m New Articles - "today offers a staggering 87.97m research papers and serves up hundreds of thousands of them to visitors every day."

RT New species of ancient four-legged whale discovered in Egypt

Hello Fediverse!
Almost 9 years after our very first tweet announcing the creation of the project, we're now happy to publish our very first toot :blobcatheadphones:

We are an international team of contributors of code and otherwise. Together we work on the the most popular open source podcast app for Android. And we would love to get you on board 👉

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#introduction #podcast #OpenSource #FOSS #Android #Java

Carl T. Bergstrom on Twitter: "We have a new paper out in PNAS today, in which we address the harm wrought by dramatically restructuring human communication of the span of a decade, with no aim other than selling ads."

Explanatory thread in plain language:



Facebook is punishing me for some reason. I can't react to posts. This happened when I tried to react to the version of the following post on Facebook.

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