Six years and folks still haven't recognized that our preservation requires the merging of our dual English speaking realities. What are the odds they'll realize the necessity of merging our dual Spanish speaking realities before the inevitable minority majority can be leveraged?

Titling the motivation behind the modern disassembly of American democracy (yet another book-sized bit I simply haven't gotten around to siphoning out my head and dropped into the pensieve for y'all to digest):

I wonder if a pair of Babel fish might also be useful for facilitating understanding with regard to the Wittingensteinian language game being played by two individuals that happen to share a common dialect?

The kind of email I still ignore 'cause I feel my illustrated essays are more significant (and that eventually y'all will read them).

Okay … whatever … hopefully my tuck and trim game was stronger this time around.

I may have half the watch band puzzle figured, if the tighten➠cut➠tuck goes a'ight.

Working out—Trying to smack the bejesus out of a golf ball with a seven iron—Working out

Local 🧌s beware. ☾𐂂's re-entering society, his trainer has him 🥊, his 💪🏼s recall childhood routines encoded by the 🇰🇷ean dojo that wrapped a 🥇° 🥋 'round his belly, and he's got the two stroke patience of a pitbull—he tolerates all kinds o' 💩 … until he doesn't, 🚑.

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