There must be a reason that the mind, when it finds itself locked within an auditory environment devoid of anything interesting enough to follow and decode, turns to music and that proverbially sticky song.

Where all the knots come from (accept for the dancing bears, which are originals built up out of Ashley's bones). The 7000+ knots are numbered. I'm thinking I might label some of my creations to show how I combine them.

When you buy a magnetic iPad mount and take a rotary tool to it in order to create an accessory that oughta already f$&kin' exist.

It feels like the Stroop effect and the Einstellung are related.

The effective reach for the is composed entirely of folks who already knew (or strongly f$&king felt) Trump organized and perpetrated a failed coup attempt.

When the torque you suddenly applied to distance yourself from the advancing traffic, ahead of which you've just turned, whips your head back and impregnates your belly with butterflies … and the petal never neared the metal.

I've already told y'all this series was write-an-English-paper good. Episode nine contains the best game of Russian roulette I've ever seen, and I have it paused before the third question has been asked.

This is the obstructionist agenda in action. Things are progressing as expected since I gave up on our leaders understanding the implications of a dual reality democracy early last year. They fail to grasp the problem with which they must grapple. Our leaders have failed to solve the ...

Hey, @DNC, I'll start reading these f$&king emails when you start reading my f$&king replies.

Six years and folks still haven't recognized that our preservation requires the merging of our dual English speaking realities. What are the odds they'll realize the necessity of merging our dual Spanish speaking realities before the inevitable minority majority can be leveraged?

The one, @TiffanyDCross, @rolandsmartin, that had you bothered to read, I'd likely not have felt the need to switch off this morning out of sheer frustration:

Titling the motivation behind the modern disassembly of American democracy (yet another book-sized bit I simply haven't gotten around to siphoning out my head and dropped into the pensieve for y'all to digest):

The fall of Roe V. Wade is one of two wildcards capable of organically breaching bubble two, smoothing out what might otherwise have become a shitshow this November—the other (surprisingly less likely to breach) wildcard being the paintballing of babies with weapons of war.

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