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Eat a d$ck, @twitter, for sticking this shit in my notifications tab.

Totally watching this with the original Japanese audio whenever I finally get our household's weed ban lifted.

When you're reading a scientific paper that uses machine learning as a simile to explore cognitive pattern recognition and it ends with you realizing that you've just read a scientific paper that uses cognitive pattern recognition as a simile for theorizing machine learning.

Rough (like super rough) section that bridges the tapestry comparison with the mixing of the metaphor into its warp-and-weft worldview form…

The First Waypoint
Everything old is new, and yet, the truly innovative is never old. The key is in the recursion. The fibers with which the mode...

Some century old Bernays, in case any was thinking replacement theory was new.

When you suddenly flip back into le mode poétique as you're closing out the compare/contrast of the two tapestries you painted:

Test driving modifications made to my cards plugin meant to pass tweet links along when cross-posting while embedding them on my site (I want to generalize the stuff so it ain't just on Twitter):

Regarding your take, @MariaTeresa, that the democratic consulting class is miss reading the 2018 and 2020 turnout and the likelihood of voting blue despite Biden's approval, you're correct. Here's the nuts and bolts of it:


Well, rewriting the essay to include some of the less obvious dots my brain connects without my realizing to get me where I end up has me nearly a third of the way to a novella and I've kinda just passed the midpoint.

When the argument you're making calls for more dragons.

Feels like I oughta make a demographical-tipping-point oriented power map of the United States.

It ain't a power if you can't use it, @ElieNYC.

"Never again," always feels a bit overly ambitious to me (unless we're planning on wrapping up this whole homo sapien dealio fairly soonish). "Not f$&kin' yet," I could totally get behind.

The state of the tapestry section with the story extraction roughly in place for both tapestries…

Some Woven Dragons
My mind gleans meaning via metaphorical odyssey. This particular expedition's point of origin practically presents itself. Threads are but thin yarns, after all, and w...

Found the original source text quoting Wang Fu on the nine similarities of a dragon's shape … and it only took three days.

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