It's so funny to me that on Twitter I have to tap a sign every couple weeks that says "My art is not for fascists, racists, transphobes, SWERFs, ableists, capitalists, crypto / NFT weirdos, or anyone sympathizing with them" and block folks en masse.

Over here, I just casually mention I'm an anarchist every now and then, and the folks interacting with me tend to filter themselves. It's great.

Fuck this gun culture, man. Just FUCK it.

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I forced a bot to watch 1000 hours of M*A*S*H and then asked it to write a script for a new episode. It said absolutely not

I thought work was being a pain in my neck, but it appears I have *checks notes* a multinodular goiter on my thyroid, with benign-appearing colloid cysts bilaterally.

*me, inexplicably Computing While Outside (CWO)* Wow, I can't see anything, but I don't want to turn off all the dark modes because I'll just have to turn them back on later, and what if someone walks by and thinks I'm a light mode kind of guy?

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r/linux says bEliEve WOmeN 😡

Maybe hate is too strong a word. He definitely needs to go away, though.

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I hate Brendan Eich as much as the next person, but Brave on iOS has a playlist feature that lets you save online videos for later, do audio-only playback if you want, and blocks all ads on YT.

It’s the closest thing to NewPipe I’ve found on iOS.

Is the Medium alternative to beat, or is there something better?

Should I cop or nah?

@vriska kweers online be like "be gay do crimes" but when I kill people in the 60s and send taunting cryptographic letters to the police suddenly I'm a "monster"
my favorite cishet take gotta be my dad's "i don't have any problem with gay people but i think they should marry a woman and have kids like normal people"


One upside to Masto and the Eldritch Cafe is that if I talk about arming trans women, I don’t get put on blast.

In Canada we have no right to firearms, and all pistols are effectively banned for civilian use. And the louder the transphobic activists get, the more I wish that wasn’t the case.

Not because I *want* to shoot anyone. But because I’m a soft, chubby trans girl with little physical strength. I doubt I could fight off an attacker, let alone a group.

Scary times.

You, with your laser eyes, telling me Bitcoin is environmentally friendly.

Me, with my block button, blocking your whole damn domain.

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