It’s striking how positive things are here in comparison to Twitter.

Even the “smash the state” crowd seems to be more about prefiguration and mutual aid, and less about violence.

It’s hard to know just how well fed your negative biases are until you remove their food source.

I appreciate you folks.

@mopedad yea same, this place is a lot less harmful to my mental health so far

@mopedad Sometimes I even felt I was on the best way to slowly become one of them, being constantly stressed, anxious & triggered.

Now I'm here and have zero desire to rant about anything. It's like I'm ALLOWED to be a chill person.

So, likewise, much appreciated! 💕

@mopedad kindly smash the state :honk:

I believe I have an easier time connecting with people here because the Twitter algorithm was hiding me, either directly or indirectly because I don't post angry stuff. Things that provoke an emotional response get promoted there because keeping people on the site sells ads.

@mopedad 100% agree. I pop back over there now and then as I have a DM group of mates but if I click on my TL, it just makes me feel like running away. It’s definitely a calmer place here. I’m kinda judging that the people who don’t want to join us might be more part of the problem over there than I had realised 🤔

@f41rygirl @mopedad
It is quite an intimidating first step, the learning curve is steep. But I'm the same going back into my TL I notice it raising the stress levels almost immediately and I don't enjoy that. You're just bombarded

@GracelessHippo @f41rygirl @mopedad on Twitter one switches easy from news to any subject to "study" and general interest. I am sure that must exist here too, but I haven't found the shortkeys just yet

@f41rygirl @mopedad
With you on this too. Popped onto my TL, and it’s full of people waking up and retweeting angry stuff. I can feel myself getting tense straight away! If you try to lighten the mood, it rarely get any engagement.
Oh, and good morning! 😊

@Peasbloss @mopedad good morning to you too 😊 yep. QTs were the beginning of the end. Just sharing your angry opinion about shitposts. Didn’t realise how much it was affecting my MH.

@f41rygirl @mopedad
👋 def heightened stress levels. Maybe those won’t migrate to here

@f41rygirl @mopedad really with you there. It’s such a tense place over there and here it’s just a pleasure #andbreathe

@MrsD_lovesTea @mopedad and I’m enjoying meeting new people too. I was getting stuck in a rut 😊

@f41rygirl @mopedad yes I know exactly what you mean. Same interaction with sane people. I often said it was like screaming into a void there. But here, well it’s just what social media should be

@f41rygirl @mopedad it takes getting used to, here, compared to twitter. I pop back too and try to answer questions about mastodon in hopes of being the convincing voice. That is thst it took me a reliable person too to even check out this site!

@mopedad yeah, in the end we're violent because twitter pushes us to be.

When I'm here I just wanna know how to help out

And folks help out easily too

@mopedad well, twitter is where hobbies go to die, fedi is where everyone is nice and happy

@mopedad Twitter turned very toxic very quickly. People there can be mean just to be mean. Uncalled for

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