I feel the best way immutable #Linux operating systems like (the excellent) #Fedora #Silverblue can get over the remaining usability issues is if they make a conscious decision to forget that they are immutable operating systems.

What are the defaults you would implement if you weren’t allowed to tell people it was immutable?

Implement those.

(e.g., Have the default terminal open in a mutable container & a separate command to launch an advanced “admin” console for layering, etc.)


@aral Can immutability be invisible? Like, is it possible?

I remember running Silverblue and being unable to sh the .run from PIA to install their app, and it makes sense since it’s definitely making major changes.

I was able to set it up via manual configs in OpenVPN, but I can’t think of a way that get a third-party app that requires system-level changes to “just work.” It can’t just be thrown into a flatpak like GIMP.


@aral I’m running macOS and I forgot, so very possible I guess, lol.

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