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@unfa If I may be honest, you made real FOSS Horror Sounds with that.

@unfa Are there any builds for Windows? Would love to test out

@rghvdberg @falktx Praise the lord of Open Source Software. This man litterly saves lives :ablobcatheart:

@unfa I wish there will be a new Open Source Audio Recording software that will come out if this becomes a thing.

@rghvdberg If this becomes a thing, then I gotta look for a new Audio Recording Software. This is just bullshit and outright a violation if our privacy.

@unfa Im just about ready to dump Brave for LibreWolf because I am slowly drifting away from Crypto. I do this everytime, the one moment I get into it, the next moment I slowly lose interest.

A not very polite post about the modern web #profanity 

@rghvdberg Also, I could not agree with you more. I fucking hate it too

A not very polite post about the modern web #profanity 

@unfa And I am happy for you for recieving this many supporters :D

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