Not a fan of eavesdropping? We now have a public DNS service up as a beta that offers DNS over HTTPS and DNS over TLS, with QNAME minimization and basic ad blocking. Audited by Assured and only a guide away:

@mullvadnet thank you !

My android DNS app, #personalDNSfilter (available on #fdroid) needs this format to use a DNS :
IPV6 addresses with '::' must be in brackets '[IPV6]'!

Here are examples for Quad9 :

Would you be willing to share those so I can try #Mullvad #DNS ?

@salut Hi!
The instructions for Android are using DoT. The IP addresses are and and the hostname is

Hope this helps!

@mullvadnet thank you !

So in #personalDNSfilter, adding #Mullvad #DoT to the #DNS list looks like this :

#privacy #fdroid #android

Please, provide IP addresses. I have no idea how is it possible to use DNS server when its domain name should be resolved first.

@VikingKong Hi! I drowned in the pile of tweets. Finally time to toot!

Answer: dig +short

@mullvadnet as everyone has already requested, can we have the IP's. Your site says I have DNS leaks after following your instructions.

@aproposnix Hi and sorry that I hit the snooze button.
Answer: dig +short

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