Not a fan of eavesdropping? We now have a public DNS service up as a beta that offers DNS over HTTPS and DNS over TLS, with QNAME minimization and basic ad blocking. Audited by Assured and only a guide away:

A search engine is a harmless and privacy-neutral tool, right? We’ve got 3 questions on our blog that will keep you from ducking the issue, plus a privacy-friendly alternative that won’t ruffle your feathers. @DuckDuckGo

That’s it. We are officially out of ports. We knew this day would come; that 16 bits of memory in the TCP packets simply wouldn't be enough to provide port forwarding for everyone. To whom it may concern, replace your current ports with city-specific ports at earliest convenience.

Are you waiting for that magical day when we announce our first server in your country? Us too! Truth is, what it comes down to is finding hosting providers that are worthy of your trust.

DRUM ROLL 🥁 (read with speaker voice):
And now, available on all our OpenVPN relays, is the tip-top-cha-cha-two-dot-five version of OpenVPN! ➕ = Improves security and it scales the performance. ➖ = Removes support for client-side versions lower than 2.4.

PRIVACY: what is it to you? A physical place? Letting friends in on secrets or keeping others out? Did you ever invoke privacy by hanging a “Keep Out” sign on your bedroom door? Share your thoughts & read what it means to our team members.

Independent security audit performed on our infrastructure, we are now audited on both the infrastructure and the app!

Cure53s statement: “…as expected Cure53 were not able to discover any Personally Identifiable Information attached to Mullvads end-users.”

Does your messaging app truly respect your privacy? Read our post for 3 simple questions to ask that can lead to a helpful answer.

Plus we tell you which messaging tool sends us all the right signals.



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