Looking for a flashy VPN deal this Friday? Your privacy is worth reclaiming any day of the year, which is why our offer always stands.

Here’s what makes our pricing model stand out:


Got a headache from memorizing all your passwords while compromising your security in the process? Get a passphrase manager! Choose from our 4 recommendations to secure your holy login credentials once and for all:

TL;DR Many of us at Mullvad use Bitwarden or KeePassXC.


Calling all early adopters on Windows!

Blaze a trail with us by testing our experimental implementation of the new WireGuardNT kernel driver, then let us know if you get a boost in performance.

To enable it, open the command prompt and run:

“mullvad tunnel wireguard use-wireguard-nt set on”.

Full details on our blog: mullvad.net/blog/2021/10/28/tr

Know which of our 21 VPN hosting providers give you the best peering and speeds? Released today in the desktop app is a new filtering feature to help you narrow down the server location list to the ones you prefer.

Find the filter option in the top-right corner of the location selection view.

For full details, read our blog: mullvad.net/blog/2021/10/26/us

We want to provide a reliable and robust service for you. That’s why we recently migrated our backend databases to new hardware.

Read on for details: mullvad.net/blog/2021/10/7/imp

We’re excited for today’s public launch! 🚀

The Mullvad Privacy Companion Beta browser extension, currently available for Firefox desktop.

Free for anyone (yes, even non-Mullvad VPN customers!) wanting help on their privacy journey. We’d love your feedback!

Learn more and get it here: mullvad.net/blog/2021/9/30/tes

It's our last day in London today, the last 2 weeks have been spiffing!

We're still around until 7pm today if you want to pop along for a natter!

Toodle pip, London!

“Mullvad VPN is here to stay, and we are not interested in ever selling it.”

Read on for more from our two founders and sole shareholders: mullvad.net/blog/2021/9/16/own

Need to go see a man about a dog? Nip down to Piccadilly Circus between 12th & 25th September for a natter with us. We won’t tell.

This week’s hours:
Sun 12th, 10am-4pm
Mon 13th, 10am-4pm
Tues 14th, 10am-4pm
Weds 15th, 10am-7pm
Thurs 16th, 10am-7pm
Fri 17th, 10am-4pm
Sat 18th, 10am-4pm

Find us here: duckduckgo.com/?t=ffab&q=33+Gr

In case you missed it, we’ve been running a multi-part series on our app’s latest feature: split tunneling.

For the grand finale, we explain the key attributes that informed our secure design and invite you to build upon it: mullvad.net/blog/2021/9/10/fou

Our implementation sorts all apps into 3 groups: Excluded, Included, and Undecided. All launching apps get put into the last one to prevent leaks.

With split tunneling, a leak is when the excluded traffic leaks into the VPN tunnel.

When designing our own split tunneling implementation, we first examined where leaks tend to occur in other solutions.

Join us under the hood of a Windows model for a closer look of what we found: mullvad.net/blog/2021/9/8/can-

Pour yourself a coffee to go along with today’s light technical reading (the crossword can wait) on the limitations of our split tunneling implementation and how to work around them:

Spoiler alert! Two ways in which limitations can be mitigated: Enable DoH/DoT or connect to a VPN server in your vicinity, or both.


Head off the beaten path in our split tunneling series to explore why you might want to use the feature.

TL;DR It can be helpful for:

* gaming – lower round-trip times
* banking – some banks reject VPN connections
* streaming – most services reject VPN connections.

Find the feature in the Mullvad VPN app for Windows, macOS, and Linux under Settings > Advanced > Split tunneling.


PTOTD: in Firefox, change Enhanced Tracking Protection to “Strict” to put a lid on all cookies that track you across sites.

Here’s how: mullvad.net/blog/2021/8/20/ter

Buckle up! Embark on our 5-part series and learn all about split tunneling, a Mullvad VPN feature now available on 3 platforms! In Part 1, we explain what split tunneling actually is.

Spoiler: As a privacy-conscious person, it’s best to use the VPN tunnel as much as possible and only make exceptions for certain traffic (like gaming, banking, and streaming services). This is exactly what split tunneling does: it conditionally sends traffic outside the encrypted tunnel.


While we encourage anti-tracking and more privacy, sometimes all you want to know is, “Who’s actually tracking my political beliefs?”

Over on our blog, learn how to find out for yourself in under 5 minutes:

With powerful AI, identifying your political flavor is just the tip of the iceberg.


Our onion address on the uncensored Tor network has changed, but save your tears!

Here’s the new address for mullvad.net:

Read on our blog about the change and why we became a Vidalia in the @torproject membership program:


We’re shaking up our routine when it comes to blogging about the app and want you to know.

We’re pivoting away from a post for every new stable release to posts that focus on what’s truly newsworthy (did someone say split tunneling on Windows? soon…).

Fun fact – we’ve been at this for over 11 years! Before we lay this routine to rest, take one final look back with us at some of the more memorable release moments (there was a day when we offered only 2 exit countries)


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