Independent security audit performed on our infrastructure, we are now audited on both the infrastructure and the app!

Cure53s statement: “…as expected Cure53 were not able to discover any Personally Identifiable Information attached to Mullvads end-users.”

Does your messaging app truly respect your privacy? Read our post for 3 simple questions to ask that can lead to a helpful answer.

Plus we tell you which messaging tool sends us all the right signals.


Over the Christmas holiday, we experienced a brief window during which customers weren’t able to make payments or create new accounts.

We invite you behind the scenes to read how we troubleshot this API-related issue.

New year’s resolution: take the unconventional marketing journey and move toward untraceable advertising. If that's even possible.

Why? Spreading the word of our service and developing it go hand in hand.

Bring on 2021, we’re ready. 🧨

But first, our annual retrospective!

In 2020, we launched our app on iOS (now on every major platform), made our first video, advertised on trams, and investigated a couple of laws.

And a lot more:

Hello, Fediverse! We're Mullvad VPN, a provider that believes that you have a right to privacy.


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