We’re shaking up our routine when it comes to blogging about the app and want you to know.

We’re pivoting away from a post for every new stable release to posts that focus on what’s truly newsworthy (did someone say split tunneling on Windows? soon…).

Fun fact – we’ve been at this for over 11 years! Before we lay this routine to rest, take one final look back with us at some of the more memorable release moments (there was a day when we offered only 2 exit countries)


@Pa6l0 glad to hear that you're testing it out already. We will update the app once the public beta of iOS15 is out.

Today is no ordinary.

Today is THE day to beta test our split tunneling feature on Windows!

Get it now, go for a spin (inside and outside the VPN tunnel), and let us know how it went!


Ads on, ads off – before you start swiping back and forth in the app, let’s dig deeper into how we’ve set up this DNS feature, how we define what DNS means and how you can contribute to our lists on GitHub.

Pros and cons: DNS blocking vs. ad-blocking plugin:

+ Blocks unwanted content on the entire system
+ No additional plugins
+ Works on systems where traditional ad-blocking isn’t available

- Not as effective in the browser
- Not as smart as browser plugins


Hey, community! 👋
Do you like what we do and do you live in Gothenburg, Sweden?

One more thing before you apply: do you believe that privacy is a universal right and happen to know how to code Android?

Jump right in to read the full ad and welcome aboard: mullvad.net/help/were-hiring-a

Jump over the Atlantics with us: introducing map in iOS app!

Just a beta so be gentle and report any bug. It's set to roll out automatically and you can expect an update on your device within seven days from now.

The core router for our 31173-servers in Frankfurt is having issues. They (31173) are working to resolve the issue. Meanwhile, we recommend you to go out trough other servers.

Everyone procrastinates but eventually the inevitable catches up: we’ve now set the date for termination of global ports as the 1st August this year.

If you want to retain the same port number you have today, then contact support@mullvad.net with the port number and the city you want it assigned to, 30th July at the latest.


@toaskoas we aren't planning this, but we welcome suggestions!

@usr_m We are continuously looking to improve this. Any suggestions on blocklists you prefer?

@doomedkangaroo @hund Yes uBlock works fine, just that it only works on a Browser level.

@c3po We have updated the guide to simplify this now. That was about using all three at once. We recommend one at a time.

We've all appreciated those award-winning commercials worthy of every bit of praise, but we also got our fair share of dreadful ads. Soon we will release an on/off-button for Ad-blocking in our app (beta out any day now). Until then, do this if you please:

Add and test any or all of these DNS servers under advanced settings and give us your feedback: – for Ad-blocking – for Tracker blocking – for Ad + Tracker blocking


Trim your ears (podcast in Swedish), plug in your favorite headset and take 66 minutes off!

Oskar and Linus from our App team joined @bjoreman at Kodsnack for an episode where they talked about how we build an app without any telemetrics, internet as it is supposed to be and how seriously we take our No-logging of user activity policy.

And in the end Linus performs a perfect pitch of our tamper proofing nail polish. kodsnack.se/419/

Others has also experienced slow speed and we're deploying some improvements tomorrow. Please contact us directly through our email and support@mullvad.net so we can figure out your issue!

Being an early adopter comes with its fair share of surprises.

When we passed half a million WireGuard keys, we got latency spikes every 10 minutes. In the end, we found out that it was our own scheduled task of removing old keys that caused this latency. Removing keys was about 100 times slower than adding them.

This has now been solved by WireGuard, and we will be rolling out the fix to all our servers tomorrow (26th May).

Jump right in to read our roll out-plan: mullvad.net/blog/2021/5/25/no-

Time to summarize one of the biggest failures of our time. Corporate businesses and government agencies are all collecting data and thereby breaking universal laws. Ready to take action? We know what to do. mullvad.net/blog/2021/5/20/big

Big data is still one of the biggest failures of our time. Blog two out of three asks itself: one data point is all it takes? Not really. However, as soon as a series of data is collected, remaining anonymous becomes impossible.

Jump right in and we will show by example how one single data point put together in a series makes it impossible to stay anonymous: mullvad.net/blog/2021/5/12/big

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