The kittens were later seen climbing Everest

@mur2501 oh your touch so bittersweet…🎶(what am I saying hhhhh :agummytrash:

@mur2501 I used to keep a kitten for a few weeks, it was such a sweet memory :agummyuwu:

I never had any pets :sadness:
Really want a cat or dog or anything :ablobcatheartsqueeze: :ablobcatcry:

@mur2501 Will do :blobcatadorable: I’ve wanted a dog for a long time :agummydoggo:

Just went to trek the mountain-fort near my town, it's a hard and dangerous climb as well as descend with lots of snakes and other wild animals. Met a dog on top to whom we fed our leftover chicken, the doggo accompanied us for the downward journey of 2.5 hours :ablobcatheart:

@mur2501 such a lovely experience :agummyaww: dogs are always our friends.

Doggo had tears jn his eyes when it came the time for seperation :sadness:

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