I'm still screaming about my Google Home. WHY NOT HAVING FUCKING TEMPERATURE SENSORS.

@mur2501 Technically, it's just a better looking interface to Home Assistant, and for the voice assitant.
I've currently setup a Tradfri lamp, and a couple of xiaomi temperature sensors (a zigbee & a BLE) as fake thermostate assigned to a fake heater (a boolean input).
Now, i should be able to ask the Google Mini the temperature.
Sad thing, if i pair my media_player devices, it only support turning it on & off.
Which is not a lot, because currently the only one is an echo input, but still.

@mur2501 the sensors where like 10€ on banggood, so they are pretty cheap.
The BLE one even has an LCD screen.
Homeassistant is totally free, you just need something to run it, like an old pc, or something like a raspberry pi (my case on docker)

€10 doesn't sound much cheap especially with the limited functionality it provides :welp:

@mur2501 it depends. It' really cheap for this kind of stuff, way cheaper than WIFI, but still you need to pay for the chips etc.
But they are really resilient and good quality.
The only thing cheaper may be 433mhz, but i don't know if there are temperature sensors, but also, these sensors may be needed only if you don't already have a termostat or something similar

In terms of just providing automatic turning off lights and stuffs it's expensive (Note that I am Indian)

@mur2501 eeh maybe in your country you can find them cheaper. But like, 10€ is really not a lot, and probably the majority of the cost is the wireless chip

Have to see what's the price here, send me the name of the specific hardware :blobcat:

Actually electronics and luxury stuffs price are high here. Food and other necessary stuffs are very low.

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