Super selective in approving follow requests here.

Off-hand, I make a note of the following:

1. Do you have a profile picture of you? I toot with a real face, I expect you will too.
2. And then, are you tooting personal stuff? Not just the highlight reel, but also the "difficult" stuff.

That said, please don't self-reject -- if I get a feeling we'll get along, I'll be happy to have you onboard.

But if you must, you may follow me on my public + professional-ish Fosstodon account instead: @celia.

I see you also want the negative of life as well :coolcat:

My negative is I am hanging for college admissions still having idea what I wanna do :welp:

@mur2501 Just read my toots that carry -/-ve/personal content warning. I've already been doing this.

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