someone posted this with the hashtag and now it’s not there so I’m resharing it. No clue who to credit for it, so if you know please pass that info on. Also please use that hashtag more! @plants

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@transcaffeine @plants someone else told me it may have also come from a Facebook group of the same name! I’d love to make some stickers out of it if anyone knows the OP and/or if they’d mind

@murmuration @transcaffeine @plants Yeah, there is a Plantifa group that emerged when a couple of the crap fb plant groups threw a fit about folks bringing up BLM and other social issues.

@murmuration @transcaffeine @plants Doesn't look like im a member anymore... wonder if i got kicked out..

@murmuration @transcaffeine @plants yeah, i mean sometimes it was justified but most of the time they were responding to folks spreading misinformation about protesters.

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