It's finally happened; after almost 18 months of having you accept more and more covid measures == Don't you just love their term 'Compulsory' ...

Not only activism but a true WORK OF ART by Ronaldo today in trashing that coca cola table -- so a Huge Well Done That Man!!
Also, be fair this ain't just about obesity, it's about all-round health and wellbeing, and rare haymaker at capitalism.

Elon Musk, world’s second richest person (and other billionaires), paid $0 in federal income tax in 2018, report claims

Drive an old banger -- Everybody Looks Down Their Nose At You

Drive a flashy new motor -- Everyone Is Jealous & Despising You

'Don't you just love base / low-level human nature' >> all << its forms

Click, Click, Click-Click...Clickety Cliques

May 2020 --
Public Worldwide Assured: There Will Be Absolutely NO Big Pharma Profiteering From Coronavirus.

May 2021 --
Nine New Billionaires Created From Covid-19 Vaccines.

Heartening the recent huge turnouts at so many pro-Palestinian demos throughout Britain & around the world. For me it also massively highlights how important the protests are as well ...just comprehend for a moment {if this bill were allowed to go through} -living in a country where protests against all such abhorrences we've witnesed this week, were effectively banned by the state -. Israel as a case in point; where real traditional Jews have their actions ERADICATED/voice SILENCED

Disgusting and a bit of a mindfuck actually that sewage can be discharged into our rivers in this day & age. This has to stop. Please sign & share this petition if you prefer your rivers shit

America finally (unthinkable time since the 1868, 14th amendment) - rules against racial segregation in schools 1954

Apatheid State Israel still able in 2021 in our world to treat Palestinians and their lives as if they were nothing. Vile world, as disgusting as it's ever been. -Mosque

Protest against police bill at May Day rally in London, Jeremy Corbyn marches with activists

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