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My DNI, which applies to all social medias, is on my Carrd.

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Yahoo! Back on Mastodon! πŸŽ‰ I have it hooked up so my tweets now go straight to here! I'll try and provide Mastodon exclusive content like this every so often though.

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Hi! I really do not know how Mastodon works but I am here and ready. πŸ’œ ✨

// steven universe 

this is still such a fave pls stream !

7 people followed me and one person unfollowed me // automatically checked by

reminder mutuals can rq to follow my priv (from ur priv and/or main)! it's not very heavy i don't vent too much pspspsp come clown with me

ppl should walk around wearing shirts with qr codes that lead to their carrds.

teth as a tired parental figure who is sick of everyone's shit >>>

I just got result 'LETTING SOMEONE ELSE TAKE CARE OF YOU' on quiz 'WHAT DO YOU NEED?'. What will you get? via

sorry for being too much. i need to tone it down. i don't mean to be overwhelming. πŸ’œ

// su
I just got result 'connie' on quiz 'kin assigning you someone from my specific steven universe au'. What will you get? via

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