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Hi! I really do not know how Mastodon works but I am here and ready. 💜 ✨

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Loki is napping now so he'll be all rested up for this evening's Screaming Time

harm reduction is when the guy you vote for promises to veto giving people healthcare even in the unlikely situation in which it passed through the legislature

Watching some car footage of Beijing and my gosh it's beautiful! I switched to a video of New York (City) and it was so dull and drab! Beijing has some seriously amazing architecture, and employs colors so well.

I've got a playlist that I've been adding to over time with all the cute animal videos on PeerTube...

It's got cats, birds, alpaca, chipmunks, etc

Was trying to not go full commie on main. Might happen though 👀

Capitalist pigs would fracture China in the same way if they could and reduce China back to the subsuharan African levels of 40 years ago

To further this point I attach a tweet of a NY Times journalist who had as his background a photo of ships on their way to destroy China in the first opium wars

He sees himself as a colonial administrator

The useful idiots and "prodemocracy activists" probably dont even stop to think they are being manipulated like the protestors were in the Arab spring

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changing my last name to they/them so people finally get it

Wow. I really did just forget about this didn't I.

the co-owner of purdue pharmaceuticals, largely responsible for the opioid epidemic, died today. rest in piss old bitch

I don't care if the pandemic ends, I'm keeping the mask.

I want to buy dumb things but I'm cheap and stubborn help

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