The cops that aren't murderers are pretty shit too.

Sarah Everard: Five police officers facing action over social media messages - BBC News

Nice sunny day here, hope you're all doing good in the world today x

My favorite thing about the impending climate meltdown is cables are now sold with nice reusable cable ties.

Worth it? I think so.

Sometimes I think should I focus more on becoming a producer, then I see the amount of stress they have with artists and I relax back in my chair and get back to some editing. :clippy:

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Sort of lol but also realising my food is way more expensive...

Inflation: Food price rises are terrifying, warns industry - BBC News

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TFW you can hear comb filtering on a recording and there's nothing you can do about it. :(


A friend turned me into a Zombie apparently, tbh I can't tell the difference...

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I've said it before and I'll say it again, public services and governments are not qualified to understand the ramifications of not safeguarding citizen ID data. The UK government needs to stop it's various ID proposals and destroying anonymity. Plus encryption isn't optional.
RT @PrivacyMatters
Hacker steals government ID database for Argentina’s entire population HT @emrys_s

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Should 'influencers' be rounded up, loaded into a rocket ship and fired directly into the Sun?

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#nowplaying and #listening to Hania Rani..

Really liking the muted piano with some tape across the strings.

It looks like a single take.
but watch the "stone" move between 07:15 - 07:20!

Wilco is a big person shopping experience.

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Netflix just chose to help the U.S. government with smearing Julian Assange just 3 days before his crucial extradition court hearing, by offering a blatant propaganda film from 2013 to their users:

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Go even that 1: I'm unlikely to have children and 2: humanity is doomed anyway. Would it be worth genetically modifying to morph with the cat genus?

I think I'd rather my bloodline survived in cat form.

Whilst today's energy consumption debate was interesting, the big question remains...

Do I put shark stickers on this microphone?

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