Gen rp mana mau aku follow?

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@yizhuo AAA NINGNING. Congratulations for your debut! Followback aku ya :3

@najaemin yes I am!!! <3 hdshkh th's so sweet of you oppa, thank you anyway! 💞 done yaah!^^

@yizhuo hope everything will be good until your music video out, figthing! 🥺❤

@najaemin oppa why u r shoo cute I can't resist🤒 uhumnn! I hope so for resonance pt. 2!! jiayouuu!! 🌷

@yizhuo you are cuter than me. 🥺 thank you! I wish nothing but the best for nct members and also your group, Ningning.

@najaemin let's support each other okidoki cutie sunbaenim!! <3<3<3<3

@najaemin aight let's meet on stage sunbae-nim! shsjdjdj I'm so nervous (。>﹏<。)

@najaemin Udah ya nya, selamat ya jadi followers ketiga gue di oskadon!

@hwanghyunjin OSKADON HAHAHAHAHA. Tapi bener sih mirip oskadon :"

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