So hello. :ablobcatwave: I am Nazneen, I work in R & I and I seem to be the first person that works in the NHS to be here, which is a really strange feeling (unless everyone is hiding their profiles 👀) :cwy:

@nazneen Hey from someone who develops software, which is used by the NHS (to some extent, in some regions of course) 👋

@jakesmolka it’s really weird here. I can’t seem to look for people 🤷🏽‍♀️

@nazneen Yeah, it is certainly different from Twitter. Have you tried looking into hashtags like or specific things like ?
Otherwise have a look at your local timeline, that's like the feed from your instance (which seems to be the same as mine,

@jakesmolka @nazneen *raises hand. The several timelines bit … please could you point me to where I find how to switch between them…

@Chocohalix @nazneen I see you are using the iOS app. As far as I know those views aren't yet supported there. Really unfortunate, but this will probably come soon. In the meantime you can simply use the web version, even on your phone (eg Safari). There you will see something like this
The icon with the three people is the local timeline, the globe the federated one.

More info: and

But you can always ask me too.

@jakesmolka @nazneen have just downloaded Tootle app and just falling down the rabbit hole of new stuff….

@Chocohalix @nazneen So you can see the local and federated timeline there? Great!
Personally, I don't use the federated at all. I quickly skim the local timeline every now and then. But I often look into hashtags. Right now is very interesting I think.

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