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Hello to all you new people on here! 👋

FediFollows (that's me) recommends accounts to follow on Mastodon and the Fediverse, you can see all the recommendations so far organised by category at:


This is just a teeny tiny fraction of the millions of accounts on here, FediFollows' aim is just to give some good starting points.

Follow me if you want to see the latest recommended follows as they are added to the list.


@FediFollows is there like a video that I can watch to help me understand the terminology here? Eg instance? Thanks

@nazneen @FediFollows Mastodon is open source software, meaning anyone with a server and the know how can run the server software for Mastodon. These are the instances. Each one has their own sign up page, accounts, and different rules and moderators. However, thanks to something called Federation, these instances all talk to each other. This means that if you’re on the mastodon.online instance, you can still follow someone on the mastodon.art instance and see their posts.


"Instance" means "server" or "community". It's a site where you can sign up, for example your instance is mastodon.online while mine is mstdn.social.

You can get more help on my other account @feditips where I've collected a load of different guides. If you send me a message at FediTips I'll be really glad to help you with any questions you have.

There's also the promo video for Mastodon from a few years ago:


@nazneen @FediFollows the concept of instances can be a bit complex, but the benefits of it are huge. It means that no one could really buy Mastodon like Elon just did to Twitter. Some Instances have a topic, but it’s not really important unless you’re planning on posting content, from that instance since it will appear in that instance’s local public feed. Even then most of them are open to content outside of their topic being posted.

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