We're refactoring the mobile app to support Groups and Stories.

Once those features are released, our top priority will be releasing the mobile app beta!


I was trying to figure out how the Windows version of Two Point Hospital is 8GB, but the Linux version is only 3GB.

Turns out that the Linux version doesn't run!

I really should make an actual profile picture that isn't just my initials.

I think this GitHub issue - talking about the new privacy policy - is the most-liked one I've ever seen. It has 1135 likes, with no dislikes. Anyone know of a higher one? github.com/audacity/audacity/i

As much as I appreciate GOG for offering DRM-free games, I wish they embraced Linux more, just like Steam. I wish they had a Linux client (with Wine support) to run games downloaded from the store while still having achievements/save games syncing

I've noticed a lot of billboards in Portland recently, it's cool to see privacy become (more) mainstream.

Mastodon has emojis such as :catjam: which instantly makes it 10000000x better than other platforms.

Discohook is by FAR the best tool I've ever used for sending Discord webhooks (w/ Embeds). It's FOSS (AGPL v3 licensed), actively maintained, and even has a Discord bot to help out the process. discohook.org/

MMS Group Chats are, quite possibly, the worst thing humans have ever created.

Am I the only one that doesn't hate the Proton redesign? I have some minor issues with it, but I think those will be ironed out by the time it hits stable. It especially looks good with a custom theme.

The #1 most annoying thing about social media is when people argue about order of operations & simple math problems.

I'm incredibly disappointed in Signal because it's genuinely a great app, not just for privacy.

We really need a simple(r) version of Matrix that works similarly.


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