I'm looking for my fellow ENG speaker mates, come come near me I want to talk to you guys.

ps. I'm a selective user!

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For our security sake. Don't use your main email here. Don't use same password as your email. Pay attention to your email notification, in case there's someone who get access to your email, log out from your device.

This is small platform, they still developing it. Don't expect too much about security —even the bandwith is so 🐌.

@englishroleplayer hello, a shout out, please? this Renjun right here is looking for some friends, ENG-RPs obviously especially his fellow NCT mates. please leave a trace if you stumble upon my tweet, everyone is welcome too!

first thing first, I need some friends. if my tweet somewhat appear on your local timeline, please leave a trace. I speak most EMG but BHS is fine for me too!


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