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a thread. help boost.

@leejihoon ★’ ah i see, that's why you guys can see my toot while we don't follow each other, i'm a lil bit confused with this platform. thankyou for your information! 🥺

@zjohnny my friend, since you accidentally mentioned other inka, i'm here to ngakak in your mention tab. 😅✌🏻

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W/N : If im not wrong, making a domain/website is not easy. It costs with money. Not to mention, there are also costs that must be paid monthly. My point is, making this thingy costs with money, and right now you're enjoying it free. So please stop protesting, appreciate the developer/admin and just enjoy it, guys. Let me leave a note : Jackie aka big fat bird platform (you know who) wouldn't do this for you hihihi. 😁🙏

Also, im leaving my new account here. Let's be friends thereee! 😆❤

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★’ should i move to the new server? 🤔

@chenle gege! sorry for late respon, finally i have a friend from the same country, would you like to followback me? 🥺

@leejihoon thankyou for you suggestion, sunbae! 🥺


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