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Before effective sanitation, everyone drank beer and wine because water was unsafe to drink.
Young children would move from milk to beer, never water.
Drinks were weak though by modern standards.

Less of an issue when we discovered that water could be rendered safe by boiling. Switch from primarily drinking alcohol to primarily drinking tea was a key driver of The Enlightenment.

Coffee was popularized in the Americas as a patriotic alternative to tea - which was being grown in India and was controlled by the British.

Good morning. We seem to have skipped Spring in NYC - Winter continued until mid May and Summer took it from there....

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(recommended follows continued)

🌟 @spacelizard - Instrument scientist at Australian Astronomical Observatory, working on MAVIS project

🌟 @Kilirai - Illustrator, creates really pretty Miyazaki-esque scenes in fairy tale settings

🌟 @liberaforms - Free open source online forms software, can be self-hosted

🌟 @Velanch - Handmade intricately embroidered jewellery with nature themes

🌟 @HeartOfNeon - Documentary being made about the legendary Llamasoft founder and game developer Jeff Minter


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@Gargron why use an RSS reader and not follow accounts?

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since i enjoyed the warm weather today i kinda had to think about an older #art piece and i think it's okay to show you.

it's called "June"
#MastoArt #fediart #procreate

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