Hello 👋 - just in case you're wondering who the random is that has followed you, here's an - I'm Gareth, in Melbourne, I'm mostly nice and I like and

If my twitter presence is anything to go by, I'll never toot again, and just lurk here looking at cool stuff.

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@nomiddlename Hi Gareth. I think people are more sociable here. It kinda feels more intimate not being innundated by lots of noise, so there's more space to chat. :)
What sort of comics and retro computers are you into?

@notawizard mostly marvel comics, a little DC, but marvel did a whole load of reprints of classic stories in the UK when I was young (in the 80s) and they’ll always be my favourites (Spider-Man, X-Men, etc). Similarly the C64, BBC Model B gave me my start in computers. I tinker with emulators, not sure that I’ve got the electronics skills to maintain the real ones.

@nomiddlename Cool. I grew up with Spidey as my favourite and being a Marvel kid, and then branched out to DC when I got older and had more money to spend. hehe
Mostly these days I'm buying lots of indies. Not that I have time to read them tho. Probably got a few hundred comics stacked up unread just from this past year. haha

Never saw much of the BBCs here in NZ until the Archimedes computers, but trying to find myself a (working) Beeb.

@notawizard I mostly read the trade collections these days, can’t afford to keep up with the individual issues. Last series I bought as it was coming out was Neil Gaiman’s Eternals run, which was a long time ago now.

I had an Archimedes back in the day! Even tried writing some games for it. I remember it had an enormous 5Mb hard drive - who would ever need that much storage 😃

@nomiddlename haha
Yeah the individual issues are hard to keep up with and the 2 month pre-ordering is not really consumer friendly IMO. I think I need to consider switching to trades. :)

5MB wow, that seems small, even for those days. What model was that in?
My first was an A4000 and I'm sure it had a 40MB or 80MB HD in it.. Mind you, my memory isn't what it used to be. :)

@notawizard so that sent me down the archimedes Wikipedia rabbit hole. I think I had an A310 or possibly A3000, with a hard drive added separately. My dad worked for the local education department, fixing and distributing computers for schools which is how we got Beeb model B and an archimedes to play with at home (he was encouraged to bring home units for self-education - he didn’t steal them 😃)

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