Spent a pleasant couple of hours this afternoon re-learning assembly, by following the tutorials below. I made it a bit harder for myself by using Linux, as most tutorials (and IDEs, sprite makers, etc) are written for windows. I got something working, so that’s good. I still remember a fair bit, even after 35 years or so.

No offence to all those that make videos on this stuff, but I much prefer reading along at my own pace.

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@nomiddlename I still remember my first rasterbar and screensplit to get more than 8 sprites on screen in assembly. That sense of accomplishment is something I still seek in development today.

@kerfuffle I quite like having to think about things on a much lower level than I would in my day job.

@nomiddlename Thanks for sharing the link. I was more on the consuming side as a kid by playing games. 😊 But I guess it’s never too late to learn something new even if it’s old stuff.

@nomiddlename Currently on the same journey. Thanks for the link, I will certainly check it out!

@nomiddlename I went down this rabbit hole yesterday. As if I didn’t have enough hobbies. I’m tempted to dig back into C64 programming myself.

@JoeCotellese I’ve always wanted to write a game, and over the years I’ve done lots of little bits in various languages and platforms - I’m hoping the nostalgia and relative simplicity of the c64 might get me further this time 😃

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