I bought a keyboard. It's an Akko 3087 v2 with Gateron Orange switches, and double-shot PBT keycaps. Thanks to @yojimbo and @Bitnacht I actually know what all that means now. Not quite the same as a BBC B keyboard (which had linear switches - I think BITNACHT's suggestion of Black switches might have been spot on), but it's a big step up from what I was using before. It was reasonably cheap ($89 AUD), and I liked the colour. The build quality is really good - it's solid and feels nice.

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@nomiddlename @Bitnacht Congrats and I hope you enjoy it!

My journey on these keyboards started with a new $dayjob and discovering that Apple keyboards were awful for me ... my accuracy was really low. I probably could have got away with any old $10 dell membrane kbd, but I don't want a "WindowsTM" advertising key on anything, so ... :-) here we are!

@yojimbo @Bitnacht I did a lot of reading about the different switches, but figured I wasn't going to know for sure without trying some. This keyboard hit the combination of price and quality, so I thought I'd just give it a try. Brown/Orange switches were generally reviewed as better for typing, and since I spend most of my day typing code it seemed like a safe choice. I actually was using a $15 Dell membrane keyboard until now😀

@nomiddlename @Bitnacht One of the temptations is to chase for perfection, but it can't be found 🙂
My advice now will be to check your wallet :-) and don't over-spend!
I've just realised that I have another set of keycaps coming from a long-running pre-order, so perhaps I need another keyboard for them ...
But no! I only have two places that I use can keyboards, possibly three ... and I already have more than that!

@yojimbo @Bitnacht I knew if I didn't commit to something I'd just keep obsessively reading reviews and spec sheets. I think I'm ok for now, but it would be really easy to spend a lot of money.

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