So who here at #retrodon is into modern gaming? Xbox or PS ? PC? And for those who aren’t, would game posts/screenshots/trophies etc. taint your timelines? I guess with the right hashtags posts can easily be filtered and ignored. I quite enjoy in-game virtual photography, for example, on PS5 (and now Xbox for the first time ever!) #noxp

@jonnypencils I don't do much modern, but I think you should do whatever you want with your account and that freedom should extend to people following you (that can always unfollow).

No hard feelings etc. Just do whatever you please.

@reidrac Yes but I wouldn’t want to lose engagement with anybody I’ve connected with so far here. Maybe a separate account/instance is the way to go. As you say, I’m free to do whatever of course, but I wouldn’t go to church in an ‘I Love Satan’ t-shirt (I don’t go to church, and a shit analogy but you know what I mean 😀)

@jonnypencils Well, it is slightly different than going to church as in the conventions here are way more relaxed.

I don't think crypto would be appreciated, or continuous political rant, but you can do that as well and it would be fine.

But I see what you mean!

@reidrac @jonnypencils maybe put it behind a CW if you're worried? I wouldn't be bothered myself, I love playing cyberpunk 2077 lately (just as an example) as well as all the old stuff.

@nomiddlename @jonnypencils that's a good point.

I had to unfollow people because NSW images. I have children around, my TL must be family friendly.

And that's OK!


@reidrac @jonnypencils using CWs for things you don't think your main audience/friend-group would be interested in is something I've seen a few people do. Politics posts, mainly, but it could be for anything. I don't think I'd unfollow someone if they occasionally posted things I wasn't interested in, and I might see something interesting that I wouldn't have thought to look for.

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