So last night’s voyage down the Wikipedia rabbit hole brought me to “Questprobe featuring the Hulk”, a Scott Adams text adventure game from 1984. I’d forgotten this existed, but just reading the title brought back a whole load of memories. I don’t remember it being a great game, like most text adventures back then the puzzles did not always make sense. The limited graphics were good for the time though.

This is probably old news for most of you nerds, but I've been enjoying this book about 80s home computers in the UK. I bought the hardback, and it's fun to dip into and read a chapter every now and again. I think it's also available as a free PDF.

Anybody know of a pc keyboard that has the same feel as a BBC Model B / Master 128 keyboard? It was my favourite of the old school machines for typing. Loved the but the keyboard was too soft.

Hello 👋 - just in case you're wondering who the random is that has followed you, here's an - I'm Gareth, in Melbourne, I'm mostly nice and I like and

If my twitter presence is anything to go by, I'll never toot again, and just lurk here looking at cool stuff.


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