Star Trek DS9 (maybe spoilers) 

S2E26: “The Jem’Hadar” - last one of season 2. Overpowered enemy appears, but I’m sure by next season Starfleet will have come up with some new shield modulators or equivalent magic - but for now they easily trounce our plucky heroes and blow up a whole spaceship full of redshirts. Best bit of this episode is Quark, as usual, this time pointing out why humans don’t like Ferengi in a brilliant little speech.

Star Trek DS9 (maybe spoilers) 

S2E20/S2E21 of "The Maquis": Sisko's best buddy, who has never been mentioned previously, turns out to be the leader of a group of grumpy settlers. That's part 1, nothing surprising there. Part 2 has some good moments from Gul Dukat, and especially Quark's clever application of the Rules of Acquisition. I want a Trek series that's just Quark and Odo as a quirky, buddy-cop procedural.

Star Trek DS9 (no spoilers though) 

I’m up to S2E14: “Whispers” in my travels through the good bits of - this is a Chief O’Brien episode where he’s convinced something weird is going on, but he’s the only one that realises it. A good episode, one of those that makes you go “oh, that makes sense now” when you get to the end.

S2E3 “The Siege” - the end of the three-parter about civil war on Bajor feels a little rushed, but Starfleet get to do clever things and Quark gets to be Quark, so overall a win.

S2E7 “Rules of Acquisition” - a Quark-heavy episode. I’m loving the Ferengi in DS9.

S2E2 of “The Circle”: Kira has hot prophet vision action, gets kidnapped and the Bajorans are having a civil war. Not enough Quark in this one, but the intrigue is escalating in this three-parter. Main characters displaying strong plot armour in the gunfight.

In other news, we finally subscribed to paramount+. Watched 3 episodes of season 4. A contrast to DS9, lots of talking about feelings, but still loving it. Bring on

On to season 2 of - episode 1. This one sees Chief O’Brien get to be a bit of an action hero, and spout meaningless technobabble about modulating shield emitters, so that’s good. There’s more Quark than usual, which is also good - he’s becoming my favourite character. Oh, and some Bajoran war hero is being set up as recurring character to replace Kira, but I suspect that’s not going to end well.

This morning’s episode was the last one of season 1: S1E20 (19 on Netflix) “In The Hands Of The Prophets”. A good episode, that introduces Vedek Winn - which if this were any other Star Trek show we would never hear from again, but DS9 looks like it is setting her up to be a recurring villain.

I’ve started watching in the last week. I missed out when it was originally on TV in the UK, because I was at uni and didn’t have a telly. I’m following this guide so that I don’t have to go through all 176 episodes

Today’s ep was S1E19 (18 on Netflix) “Duet”, where Major Kira investigates a war criminal. Really good story, and great acting by Harris Yulin as the Cardassian criminal.


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