@janbeta for some reason I’d never watched any DS9, but I started recently - up to partway through season 4 and I’m loving it. Got to say, Quark is my favourite character in all of Star Trek so far.

@billyjoebowers that’s one of those films that I’m not entirely sure I’ve ever seen all of - I’ve watched it from various points when I’ve been flicking channels, but never sat down and watched from the start. Top Gun is another one, never seen the start of it.

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I am proud to let you know that my game


a tiny, little text adventure game for the Sharp Pocket PC 1403 / PC 1248 has now been released to the public!

You may find the code and *.WAV files (to load into your device) in this GitLab repository:


#sharp1403 #sharp1248 #pocketpc #BASIC #coding #game #textadventure #programming

@70sscifi No! Don't shoot the pink space octopus, it's too cute!

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Found this to be quite useful.
I'll post the complete text in the thread below once I get some time.
(Or if anyone wants to do it, be my guest :blobpeek:)

@reidrac @jonnypencils using CWs for things you don't think your main audience/friend-group would be interested in is something I've seen a few people do. Politics posts, mainly, but it could be for anything. I don't think I'd unfollow someone if they occasionally posted things I wasn't interested in, and I might see something interesting that I wouldn't have thought to look for.

@reidrac @jonnypencils maybe put it behind a CW if you're worried? I wouldn't be bothered myself, I love playing cyberpunk 2077 lately (just as an example) as well as all the old stuff.

@JacksonBates Best response would be to make no changes - if there are no requirements, either business or security (e.g. out of date deps), then leave it alone. That probably won't get you the job, though 😀

My cheap Kogan mechanical keyboard arrived. It doesn’t feel as solid as the Akko (behind it in the picture), but it feels as nice to type on and it was only $17. The blue switches are a little noisy, but not horribly so. I’ll keep using it for a day or two, I think, before moving it to the family PC and going back to the Akko.

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Aaron Reed's "50 Years Of Text Games" book Kickstarter is now up and has already raised >$60K.

If you're at all interested in interactive fiction, check it out:


I followed his newsletter, which is what the book is based on, and which was really well-written and informative. You can still read the archives here:


If you're in Australia, and you want to dip your toes into mechanical keyboards (metaphorically, although I guess literally is fine too), then take a look at Kogan who are selling what looks to be a decent budget mechanical keyboard for just $17 (get the First free trial for free shipping). They have a full-size kb too, and a small range of different switch types. I ordered one just to see what the blue clicky switches would be like compared to the oranges I'm using. kogan.com/au/buy/kogan-tkl-rai

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A 10,000 Kilometer Galactic Bridge

Image Credit & Copyright: Maxime Oudoux, Jean-Francois GELY

apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap220603.ht #APOD

@melsbells it was nice to have something lighthearted and fun, especially as we slotted it in between two intense episodes of Stranger Things - a chance to breathe out and calm down.

So last night’s voyage down the Wikipedia rabbit hole brought me to “Questprobe featuring the Hulk”, a Scott Adams text adventure game from 1984. I’d forgotten this existed, but just reading the title brought back a whole load of memories. I don’t remember it being a great game, like most text adventures back then the puzzles did not always make sense. The limited graphics were good for the time though.

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Hi. I'm a cis-het white middle-aged male and I want all my LGBTQ+ friends to know that I love them and I support their human right to be who they are. Openly. Proudly. Honestly.

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@allc64 The assembler + vm in the browser is pretty cool. Thanks for sharing.

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