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Can anyone help me contact BitmapSoft in the UK?

Their site only points to an email address and not a web contact form.

If my emails are going to their spambox, then me sending them another email won't get through.

I ordered Rogue64 Deluxe and the last email I got was on Jan 30 saying "We have finished processing your order".

I never received an actual "we've shipped it" email but not sure if I should have.

#commodore64 #c64 #retrogaming #retrocomputing

This is a great review of "Everything, Everywhere, All At Once", and it conveys how I felt watching it. But you should watch the movie first, without knowing anything about it. It's just so much fun.

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Benchmarks today: my oldest / slowest GPUs, starting with my Rage II / Rage Pro / Rage XL chips

Also my many Matrox G2XXs, SiS 305, Permedia II (I'll give it another try), and of course...

The S3 ViRGE

@shyra wow - those names take me back, I’d forgotten most of them. I bought a Voodoo II to play Half-Life because the Matrox G200 was just not cutting it.

This is probably old news for most of you nerds, but I've been enjoying this book about 80s home computers in the UK. I bought the hardback, and it's fun to dip into and read a chapter every now and again. I think it's also available as a free PDF.

@Wintermute_BBS I've got fond memories of the BBC computers, especially the BBC Master 128 (as in your picture).

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Apparently it's not just #towelday but also #525FloppyDay

So Happy floppy day 🤗

Here's a couple of drives, one on the BBC Master 128 (loaded elite from it) and a 1541 for the C64

@yojimbo whenever I’ve been unable to avoid lunchtime meetings or lunch n learn sessions I always make a point of not bringing any lunch and then having a lunch break as well afterwards. You’re entitled to breaks, so don’t feel guilty. Your time is valuable, your free time even more so.

@yojimbo if the stuff they want you to learn is important, then they should schedule it during the work day - prioritising it against the other work you have to do. Asking you to use your break is asking you to do unpaid overtime. You’re effectively paying for the opportunity to learn. Are they at least providing lunch?

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i made a keyboard that looks like two slices of toast with eggs on them

eggy toast breadboard

@77slevin I think I preferred the 2005 one, that wasn't very good either - but at least it was a bit more fun.

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I've yet to make a proper introduction here, but while that simmers a little longer I'd love to share this project of mine with you.

I've collected 18 episodes of the 1983 television show, Whiz Kids, in English and Italian, 13 in French, and 7 in Japanese, and made them available for everyone on the Internet Archive. Some of the English episodes were sourced from a partial PAL DVD release and may be in better quality than you've ever seen them. Please enjoy and share with your friends and associates. It's not too late to become a fan of this very cool but short-lived show that inspired a lot of young people in its day, and continues to inspire me.

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Do you remember the Whiz Kids TV show?

If so, then you might be interested to know that @danalog is working hard at preserving and archiving the episodes in different languages, but is also in touch with Max Gail (also of Barney Miller fame) and wants to send Max some of our memories on the show and what it meant to us.

I figure it meant a lot to many of us in the #retrocomputing community, so check it out.

@256 I still have mine, and they work beautifully - bought in 2005

@yojimbo @Bitnacht I knew if I didn't commit to something I'd just keep obsessively reading reviews and spec sheets. I think I'm ok for now, but it would be really easy to spend a lot of money.

@yojimbo @Bitnacht I did a lot of reading about the different switches, but figured I wasn't going to know for sure without trying some. This keyboard hit the combination of price and quality, so I thought I'd just give it a try. Brown/Orange switches were generally reviewed as better for typing, and since I spend most of my day typing code it seemed like a safe choice. I actually was using a $15 Dell membrane keyboard until now😀

I bought a keyboard. It's an Akko 3087 v2 with Gateron Orange switches, and double-shot PBT keycaps. Thanks to @yojimbo and @Bitnacht I actually know what all that means now. Not quite the same as a BBC B keyboard (which had linear switches - I think BITNACHT's suggestion of Black switches might have been spot on), but it's a big step up from what I was using before. It was reasonably cheap ($89 AUD), and I liked the colour. The build quality is really good - it's solid and feels nice.

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Good morning Fediverse! Here is your #vintagecomputer picture for today: my Issue Two 48k ZX Spectrum, kindly sent to me by @GedgeHead (we actually did a trade and I sent him some floppy drives in exchange -- that was fun!)

The machine included a large number of tapes, so I dug out my wife's old Panasonic tape player to load some games. Took a few tries, but I got it going. It was fun loading from tape again after 30 years (on my Atari 400, back then). Gedge did a composite mod on it before he sent it to me so I can run it easily on my PAL monitors here in the States.

Later, I sent some photos of the innards to "ZX Wife" (hmm...wonder if she's on Fedi...) who said it was probably originally a 16k Speccy that had been upgraded to 48k.

Hope everyone has a great day. Keep it retro 😎

Star Trek DS9 (maybe spoilers) 

S2E26: “The Jem’Hadar” - last one of season 2. Overpowered enemy appears, but I’m sure by next season Starfleet will have come up with some new shield modulators or equivalent magic - but for now they easily trounce our plucky heroes and blow up a whole spaceship full of redshirts. Best bit of this episode is Quark, as usual, this time pointing out why humans don’t like Ferengi in a brilliant little speech.

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