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Spent a pleasant couple of hours this afternoon re-learning assembly, by following the tutorials below. I made it a bit harder for myself by using Linux, as most tutorials (and IDEs, sprite makers, etc) are written for windows. I got something working, so that’s good. I still remember a fair bit, even after 35 years or so.

No offence to all those that make videos on this stuff, but I much prefer reading along at my own pace.

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I'm posting this toot from my terminal using Toot! It's a CLI interface that's baked into my distro, and possibly yours too!

I just apt install'd `toot`, and then ran `toot login` and it authenticated with a wizard. Couldn't be easier.

This is an absolutely delightful way to use Mastodon!

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Is there a guide somewhere on when to use content warnings? I've seen some for photos with eye contact, some for political stuff, all sorts of things and a lot I wouldn't have thought to use. I don't want to upset someone accidentally. Should I put them on my DS9 reviews for instance? I don't think there are any spoilers in those (especially for a series over 20 years old).

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You might already be familiar with the nigh-unpronounceable 1970's Italian rock jam "Prisencolinensinainciusol," known for having lyrics of total gibberish but that *sound like what Italians "hear" when they listen to Americans speaking*. It's a BOP.

If you're not, take a gander. (There are multiple videos for this song starring singer Adriano Celentano, but this is my favorite. The choreography! The outfits! The mirrors! The fedora! The harmonica! ALRIGHT!)

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Better late than never: Here's today's #vintagecomputer picture for you all. This is my BBC micro model B. I've done a sideways RAM/ROM mod to it, and added a TurboSPI interface underneath. This is such a great machine - so hackable and fun to play with.

S2E3 “The Siege” - the end of the three-parter about civil war on Bajor feels a little rushed, but Starfleet get to do clever things and Quark gets to be Quark, so overall a win.

S2E7 “Rules of Acquisition” - a Quark-heavy episode. I’m loving the Ferengi in DS9.

S2E2 of “The Circle”: Kira has hot prophet vision action, gets kidnapped and the Bajorans are having a civil war. Not enough Quark in this one, but the intrigue is escalating in this three-parter. Main characters displaying strong plot armour in the gunfight.

In other news, we finally subscribed to paramount+. Watched 3 episodes of season 4. A contrast to DS9, lots of talking about feelings, but still loving it. Bring on

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From , I give you: bonkers fake screenshots of the end credits to "Columbo" episodes. The names and roles *feel* like they're from 1970s American TV shows ... but aren't ... but are still spot-on? Right up there with 's "college football" bits in the "uncanny hilarity" department.

On to season 2 of - episode 1. This one sees Chief O’Brien get to be a bit of an action hero, and spout meaningless technobabble about modulating shield emitters, so that’s good. There’s more Quark than usual, which is also good - he’s becoming my favourite character. Oh, and some Bajoran war hero is being set up as recurring character to replace Kira, but I suspect that’s not going to end well.

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Scored a QL and an Amber CRT today. Both need a lot of cleaning though .

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One of my favorite ever: the lyrics to by but laid perfectly over the theme from by Ray Parker Jr. Check it.

(FYI: some potty humor at the very end. I just dig the mashup; YMMV.)

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Started trawling through the hashtag, it’s awesome to see so many people doing great things with the old machine. Makes me wish I still had mine, but emulators will have to do.

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I'm sure you could figure this from my avatar, but I'm a big fan of the Fallout series. After beating The Outer Worlds for the first time (I wasn't in love with it), I revisited Fallout 3 for the first time in years. After getting used to F4 and F76, it's easy to think I look back on F3 with rose colored glasses... but no, from the writing to the side missions and the world design, there is definitely magic there. It's an absolute masterpiece.

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Did you see the news that all of the instruments are aligned now?

Check out this comparison of one of the newly released calibration images from the MIRI instrument compared to images taken of the same region of space by the WISE and Spitzer space telescopes! Look at that resolution! So many newly resolved stars and structures! 🤩

I can't wait for all the new discoveries we'll make with JWST! data starts in only a couple months!

(Image from @/AndrasGasper on birdapp)

Just fixed a audio problem that's been a minor annoyance since I installed LXLE a few weeks ago. If no sound was playing, there would be this regular popping noise. This tip fixed it for me.

This morning’s episode was the last one of season 1: S1E20 (19 on Netflix) “In The Hands Of The Prophets”. A good episode, that introduces Vedek Winn - which if this were any other Star Trek show we would never hear from again, but DS9 looks like it is setting her up to be a recurring villain.

So far this seems a lot more “social” than that other website. It makes me actually want to post, rather than just lurk. I don’t know if it’ll stay like this, maybe it’s just everyone trying to be nice to the new people 🤷

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