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re-introducing myself, with a cat picture 

hello, it is me, notcasimirpulaski, also known as rosewaters, also known as yasmine
i'm a moroccan/british marxist studying arabic and spanish
and yes I do want to be friends with you (and your cat)

extreme metal does actually go off. I could listen to those drums for the rest of my life

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heavy twitter thread on the UK's treatment of disabled people, coronavirus, austerity, death 

"To people outside the UK seeing this thread, I need you to understand that the Tories have been decimating the disabled community here for eleven years now, on top of the pandemic. Before the pandemic, the UN said the Tories' austerity caused 'a human catastrophe.'"


like what is ur aim here because I know u will not take a deliriant to feel like ur more accomplished than me

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mfw men try to one up me about what they've taken

a french girl in my seminar just said there had to have been benefits of colonialism ?

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