Saturdays are best spent with a cold beverage, a warm couch, and a big ol cartoon

everyone knows about sir mix-a-lot, but little is known of his enigmatic arch-nemesis, mx sir-a-lot

that time I got so mad I disconnected my home internet for a month

is there anything more fun than trading insults amongst friends?

Britons spend more than twice as much on bird food than the rest of Europe combined. As a result our great tits are developing longer beaks.

Netflix should offer a permanent monochrome filter. So many shows are improved in monochrome.

Waiting for the takeaway 2pm lunch special like [stomach growls]

Waiting for the takeaway 2pm lunch special like [stomach growls]

weird consequences of allowing landlords 100% dictatorial sway over city and county governments

@Heurism oof. when I was selfhosting I was using a scheduled script to renew my Lets Encrypt cert

@1dalm suburban sprawl has basically cut out any athleisure or community play/relaxation. difficult to get together with friends when your friends have to commute for 30 minutes just to hang out.

add to this, the pressure to work longer and harder in order to make ends meet, and boom: a docile population too worn down to do anything more than drive their cookie cutter car across a cookie cutter city to a cookie cutter job and back to their cookie cutter flat to eat bland and watch one episode

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